Amenity a focus in new developments

July 17, 2020

Amenity a focus in new developments

July 17, 2020

Greater Perth is brimming with estate projects, but many might wonder about the value of buying into a new neighbourhood at distance from the CBD.

With it widely acknowledged that homebuyers want property close to major road networks, public transport and employment hubs, schools and shops, estate developers look to ensure these preferences are met while creating an area heavily inspired by modern community themes.

Satterley CEO Nigel Satterley said his business worked with existing residential communities to learn how best to add value to an area and appeal to the wider market.

He said strong links to nearby amenities were a critical part of estate-building and these connections were often complemented by many positive and advantageous design elements some people might not typically associate with estate living.

“This includes beautiful landscaping and well-designed streetscapes,” Mr Satterley said.

“Estates also have great parks, playgrounds and public open spaces.

“Masterplanned communities are designed to maximise the community lifestyle and provide integrated living, whether it is by the ocean, on the flats or in the hills, so you are never far from entertainment and relaxation.

“We try to make sure every estate has a range of amenities that may include parks and playgrounds, conservation trails and public open space and shops, schools and commercial opportunities.”

Mr Satterley said the amount of amenities in each estate varied, with bigger masterplanned neighbourhoods featuring more resources, while infill projects and smaller developments in built-up areas focused on offering additional housing opportunities in sought-after areas.

“Each estate should have a mix of housing options and lot sizes to choose from,” he said.

Other aspects of estates often missing from more established urban areas are green spaces, or pockets of vegetation-heavy land.

Last October, Satterley shared research which featured the health and wellbeing benefits of living near green spaces and why it’s important to create communities that have strong relationships with the environment.

This included insight from Edith Cowan University researchers who found green spaces encouraged more active living, decreased stress levels and had a positive effect on mood.

There are also aesthetic benefits, and many modern Perth estate developers make sure greenery is prominent in their designs to enhance appeal and activity levels within the community.

Also serving to enhance the appeal and active environment of estates are a diverse range of family-friendly public events.

Mr Satterley said these initiatives, including workshops, movie nights, markets and fitness classes, further increased the amenity and resources on offer and reduced need to travel to the CBD.

Source: The West Australian